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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  December 30, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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98 state chambers that control both houses of the state legislate nurse 28 states and now 31 republican governors. like i said it's been a pretty good ust not for the president. thanks for being with us. happy new year. neil: welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. if this is what gridlock gets uget me more of it. while the media is bemoaning one of thely the productive years ever you got stocks humming, the economy is humming why is gridlock bumming? who says we need a party to have a party? the less washington does the better. that's what ceo andy posner agrees. things could be worse andy if this is what happens when they're not doing anything sign me up. >> they sure could be worse, when government does nothing that's generally better than when government does something. the last three congresses exhibit.
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that the first two years of the obama administration, the economy went nowhere but down as there was a lot of government activity than the last two congresses in the last four years things leveled out. with interest rates low and the government not doing much, american businesses did well. with oil prices down we've seen a boom in the economy. if the government can stop doing things other than taking apart what they've done or diminishing what they've done we'll be in good shape. neil: we put together something fun to show how the dow's performed juxtapose against the number of new builds and legislation, and it does indicate what you are saying when. things in terms of what congress is churning out on either the senate or the house, markets did better. with washington getting out of the way, stocks were up up and away. >> it makes a lot of sense, american businesses do better when the government doesn't interfere with what they're
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trying to do, i think the first two years of the obama administration, there was a lot of fear in the government community what the government would do next what was the next thing that would be imposed on government. on businesses to make it more difficult to make a profit. as that leveled out when you have the republicans in charge of the house and businesses realize that about everything that was going to get done was already done businesses started to improvement and i want to emphasize that the stock market, as low interest rates helped the stock market because if you're not going to invest in savings account or bonds, you want to invest in something that gives you a return. american businesses when the government's not interfering give you a very good return. we've seen the stock market go up. neil: you could argue that the government kept rates artificially low, that's a bubble in the making, what do you think? >> what you've got is an asset bubble. they're not look at asset inflation, which is the real problem in this economy, think
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the danger is asset inflation much like what you see in the stock market. neil: andy, happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you, too. >> if this is bad, it's awful, 40 new tech start-ups all rocketing up to billion dollar companies this year. including the likes of uber and snapchat and airbnb, to name a few, gridlock? more like grid like to the fox biz all-stars veronica dagher tracy byrnes. >> once we got a sense that there's going to be gridlock, people went off to the races, a better sense of where obamacare is going to hit, and it is going to hit, you figure that into the numbers and the companies took off. this is like a mature version of the dot com boom, i think a lot of companies would come to markets sooner if we were in the dot com era.
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a little more thought behind, it venture capital money out there thanks to janet yellen, and made for amazing year for start-ups. neil: jonathan? >> neil, where they've interfered where, government has interfered in the market there's been massive wealth destruction. just this last week, it came out that insurer created under obamacare which was loaned $125 million is belly-up. billions of dollars with green energy, and all through the 2014 small businesses were reluctant to hire because of obamacare. i'm happy the dow is up. i'm happy the market's up i think it's despite always seeing from government because of it, and all of the companies, the net flicks the ubers and snapchats are for not for profit government bureaucrats. >> veronica look at the greatest companies most started in tough times. home depot comes to mind
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microsoft comes to mind apple comes to mind. so is this despite what's going on, or when you hear the president because what he's got going on. >> perhaps the sfoirt create silicon valley, the young folks starting up businesses making a ton of money creating jobs, this is all really good things. also a part of it the low interest rate environment, when you're looking at valuations like the ubers of the world the billion-dollar clubs we're hearing all the companies that are so big valued for so much. part of the reason is we have the low interest rates. people are looking at a place to upon put their money, the endowments aren't getting growth in other place. they want to pile into the venture capitalist opportunities. neil: you know what i worry about, tracy democrats or republicans see it as a rally, but to be fair who the occupant in the white house, is you take the fair with the bad, and
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crazy to take the bad with the good. my stimulus every step i took produced what you're seeing now, rather than kick me in the fanny, pat me on the back. >> bill clinton did the same thing with the dot com era. he did nothing, he was way too preoccupied doing other things. our president will do the same right now, and i don't think he can. this is a capitalistic spirit alive and well. neil: if he were destroying it go ahead john, if he were destroying, it would we see this? >> the president takes credit for the auto revival. meanwhile, we sold our stock in ally financial and lost $6 billion. think about all the money that was invested in the whole green energy technology when what was it? to our panel's point, it was american innovation that brought private innovation brought the price of oil down to 55, $56 a barrel.
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neil: or maybe a global recession. >> that could be part of it. in terms of taking credit i think people have short-term memories. but also at the same time they think americans were burned by what happened in 2008 and beyond, and a lot of people are still out of work, there are a lot of underemployed people people working part-time, and i don't think the americans are so quick to forget that. that is burned into people's psyches. neil: we'll watch. the 113th congress the incoming 114th congress is looking to undo government. fox business' rich edson here to spell it out. what are they planning rich? >> the republicans have a better chance of unraveling president obama's accomplishments for the final two years of administration. midterm election years feature less legislative activity. the entire house and senate were up to challenges, that and a republican house and democratic senate meant congress accomplished little of significance this year. good news at least no concern to investors, the s&p 500 up
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nearly 14% this year. next year republicans say they'll attempt to roll back obamacare, dodd-frank environmental regulations and the president's executive action on immigration. republicans fund the department of homeland security into february giving them opportunity to devise a response to the president's action. >> where you have the department of homeland security and its appropriations coming up for debate much sooner than the rest of the government funding, which carries through the fiscal year this is a chance essentially to offer a competing view for what immigration reform should look like. >> there could be areas of cooperation, both parties have expressed interest in corporate tax reform and analysts are pessimistic given the history between president obama and congressional republicans, neil. neil: thank you, my friend. ahead of the big ball dropping, something dropping faster in the big apple right now!
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. neil: before the ball drops in new york city, look what else has dropped in new york city. parking tickets. they're down 92% from last year. and traffic summons are down 94%. cops slowing down ever since two colleagues were gunned down two weeks ago. many are angry at a mayor who say ignores them and others say has it out for them. but former nypd officer says cops are only hand cuffing themselves. why do you think that's the case, dan? >> well, one of the few bargaining chips that the police officers in new york have is, listen the worst kept
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secret in law enforcement is quotas for the tickets. they won't call them quotas. the management and the city call them work performance measures or fancy term or whatever it may be. this is how the cops get back sometime at the management when they think they've been let down by the city and let down by police management. they'll slow down on the parking ticket front. i don't think anybody is upset about that. neil: i worry whether that translates into slowing down on far more urgent responsibilitys? >> right. that's understandable. my experience with the cops i don't spin wheels on the show. when it comes to real legitimate emergencies, they won't do that. they prorfessionals. the men and women are not looking to see anybody hurt. there are safety measures they are trying to take into account. from what i heard they have two police officers respond to an event. sometimes two rmp's the police
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vehicles, respond to each event. that may result in a little slowdown time, but there will be safe police officers out there given all the incidents. neil: i hope you're right sometimes can you overplay your hand or overplay the publicismathy. only to torpedo their own employment or their own job prospects. are cops at that point yet? are they overplaying their hand, and now a lot of new yorkers are saying cool it. >> great point. neil this is a delicate balance, it's nice to have support about the litany of police stories that have come out in the last six or seven months. there is a danger there, the public largely sympathizes for them for turning backs on mayor de blasio even at the funeral.
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approval ratings are in the can. all you need is one bad god forbid first degree assault and blamed on a slowdown while the assault continued and someone got seriously hurt when it could have been stopped. you're looking at the public turning you on quickly. very delicate balance there. >> i hope they can find. that dan thank you as always. happy new year. >> thanks for having me. neil: forget whether the white house is up to the task of being fair to police and trying to calm things down, it needs a task force to come up with ways to deal with the police? the president is on it. former bush adviser brad blakeman says stop it just stop it. why is it a bad idea? >> there is no crisis. if you have a task force, you're assuming and the public thinks there is a crisis it's not systemic in america. the type of bias crimes and racial crimes that the president is alleging. nor is it an epidemic. the president is using the power of his office in absolutely the wrong manner.
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in creating a task force which is not needed with all the instruments of government the president has at his disposal. he uses this as a political means to gurner support in the base and divert attention which are real problems created by the task force. neil: i think it is a bad idea like the blue ribbon commissions you try to get together and address the problem. first of all, presidents this one in particular ignores them and nothing ever comes of it. i think they buy you time but we don't have time for that kind of snuff. >> absolutely. too many things in america that are truly critical nature and crisis. certainly our debt, there are things the president could hone in on without the necessary use of a task force. we have a congress whose charged with congressional and constitutional oversight. that is where a lot of this should be looked at if at all.
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neil: what do you think is behind the president proposing one right now? the wrap on him is that his knee jerk response was very anti-law enforcement. is he just trying to show look, i'm trying to fair. did the killings of the policemen in new york change things? what do you think he's up to? >> the president is pandering, trying play both sides against the middle when. al sharpton is sitting at the table and given a legitimate role how can anyone take the president seriously. neil: even new york police chief bratton said this is a mistake, the mayor and he sitting with sharpton that is a mistake. too little too late to acknowledge that maybe the president should be taking cues from that? >> no doubt about it. the president surrounded himself with bad actors. if you look at national crime statistics, neil, there is neither an epidemic or systemic problem within the police department. if any the problem arises
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between black on black crime which mayor giuliani has been on target especially on fox news and laying out the real problems that exist in america. neil: and the real numbers, thank you, good seeing you again. >> happy new year. neil: to you as well. if you think 20 states hiking minimum wage will make the these ally bank ira cds really do sound like a sure thing but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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. neil: it has quickly become the most talked about minute in tv stardom. neil spiel. more like states on a roll. 20 of them, that is how many states are ramping up, 21 if you include new york state's new year's eve hike, those range from 12 cents in florida to $1.25 in south dakota. when all is said and done 29 states will have minimum wage higher. i'm talking considerably higher like in washington state, the rate will rise to $9.47 and oregon it will hit $9.25 an hour, promising bigger hikes to come and pegging future rates
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to inflation. forget about who pays the wages, think about how unions are pushing to pay still higher wages. much higher. the service employees international union is uniting its 2 million members behind a $15 minimum wage and promises it will not settle for anything less. they argue that companies could well afford, it may be just me i wonder if the seiu demands the same pay scale at its own shops. i doubt it. enough what it appears to be a double standard. the clear economic impact. one thing demanding officers pay more inevitably to many more workers getting paid more than the minimum wage now, surely. those workers will demand a bumpup in pay as well. labor policy expert says this is does not end well for the bosses, for workers or overall economy, explain, sir? >> neil, thanks for having me on. it's probably not going to be a
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very happy new year for small business and workers just getting into the workforce next year. you talk about sciu pushing $15 an hour across the country. one was taped about this and he says $10 was too low, and $20 was too high. they came up with 15! great economics there. it is absolutely ridiculous, and the problem is it's going to be hurting the impact people purporting to help. you have about half of minimum wage workers who are under 25, they need to get into the workforce, they need to get experience. they need to start somewhere, and if you take that first rung of the ladder of prosperity you make it out of reach by making wages too high and pricing them out of market, they're not going to be able to get the first job. neil: what about the argument that's been happening lately
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mrooking at the market and a lot of companies making money hand over fist. we equate that with proprietors of local mcdonald's, be that as it may, the feeling is they're in the money, they can afford it. what do you say? >> well, you look at some of the stock market but let's talk about mcdonald's, which you just brought up. third-quarter earnings were plummeting. sales fell by 3.3% earnings were down 30%. neil: we should stress that franchisees are hardly millionaires themselves. it's different at that level. >> exactly. neil: the franchise owners and the fear is they start letting go of workers not have as many workers, rejigger the workers, make more part-time, et cetera. what do you think happens? a lot of the union guys say they don't end up doing the stuff they are threatening to
11:25 pm
do. >> more automation burger flipping machines, problem is when you price out the low skilled worker when you priced them out of market mcdonald's other fast food chains other small businesses turn to automation and the people are laid off. now it's fine for the union because right now they're not organizing anybody in the stores. so even if the store or the restaurant has to lay off half the workers and come in and organize them half is better than none. it's great for the union, they can get the dues, if there's high turnover they can get the initiation fees still make money, but the problem is it's bad for those low skilled workers, entry level workers who need the experience and it is disastrous for the small businesses. these mom and pop shops that are trying to earn a living. neil: all right, watch what happens. good seeing you, happy new year. >> happy new year to you, too. >> we know controversy sells. sony found out
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. neil: we know it's one thing for enemies to threaten us quite another when they follow through on the threats, as peter barnes reports, this year the bad guys have got our number. >> reporter: as if isis rampaging across syria and iraq and russia invading the ukraine were not enough for the u.s. in 2014 north korea made it a national security trifecta with threats to launch 9/11-style attacks on american theaters that showed the sony pictures movie "the interview." >> what you saw was a nation state who engaged in trying to really destroy an american company, and then took it to the broader level of using threats of violence in order to get their political will. this was a nation state attack on the united states. >> reporter: by the end of 2014, isis appeared to be in a standoff against iraqi forces
11:30 pm
helped by american airpower which the u.s. used against isis in syria. in the ukraine, the government in kiev, rebel forces in the east and russian backed were trying to end the conflict there. >> around the world america is leading, leading the coalition to degrade and destroy isil a coalition that includes arab partners. we're leading the international community to check russian graes aggression. >> reporter: the hacking of sony pictures that appeared to be the most sensational national security threat into the u.s. into the new year. it wasn't just about a movie or studio. it was about the vulnerability of the u.s. financial system telephone networks electric grids, defense systems and more to cyberattack. peter barnes fox business. neil: for sony, hack of reversal get this hack. anyway, airing the interview and making 18 million bucks in weekend ticket and online sales
11:31 pm
to boot proved that not kowtowing to backers is not a good thing or ignoring egypt's rant over the actors in "exodus: gods and kings" can be a good thing. veronica, you hope so, right? >> i hope so. i hope they're make money, i don't know if they are making a profit or revenue. release the movie let people see it. they created so much curiosity. people wanted to see it as a vote for free speech. i think that the issues that sony had to deal with they lost a lot. there's a lot of secrets the hackers have not released from the companies, who knows what kind of damage done in the future. i'd be worried. >> billions and billions of dollars worth of damage here neil sony was a tremendous victim here in all of this talking about immense amount of money literally destroyed, what
11:32 pm
is our government's response to do nothing, and you have to feel for sony, because as you pointed out, as peter barnes pointed out lives were threatened, and from my perspective, just like isis just like putin we look so weak in this case are we going to degrade and destroy people hacking into the government military computers. this is an act of war and wish our government treated it as such. >> you wanted government involvement. you should have called me first. >> tracy yes, of course, when they break into the home and walk off with the servers and money and your secrets and diary, that is violation of rights. intellectual property is property. neil: i'm trying to get at here sony all that hacking stuff notwithstanding, and it's a big issue. they didn't take it to the next
11:33 pm
level, and cave perpetually to hackers who said don't think of airing the movie. they said we're going to air it. give me other examples that pakistan is upset about homeland and egypt upset about exodus. stop kowtowing to these guys it's a reverse. >> you can't give into whatever demands someone tells you not to do something. think about the bottom line and find a way to make money. >> just like the danish mohammed cartoon. if this is published, there's a cast, a shadow that no one wants to offend for this very reason. >> the fact they reverse themselves, too little too late for you? >> i think so neil essentially the dye is cast by the fact we had no response. >> george clooney tried to get hollywood to sign a petition. neil: maybe because it was george clooney.
11:34 pm
>> george clooney alone. what are you saying? i would sign his receipts. >> he could sign anything. neil: start a boycott of your appearance on the show. >> oh! >> hillary clinton has a big problem, it is not the far right. it's the far left.
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. neil: all right, i said it before, i'm going to say it again, hillary clinton will not, i repeat, will not be the next democratic candidate for president. i don't know who will be. i know there will be plenty of
11:38 pm
others trying to be. and vermont independent senator bernie sanders making light more noise over issues like income inequality. ring a bell? it should. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren saying much the same to outgoing mayor bill o'malley bill de blasio raising a stink with the beliefs to raise his own profile on the left. chris bedford says the democrats' infighting puts republicans' family squabbles to shame. it really does. the media won't tell you this but they have problems on their hands. what's going on? >> hillary is hit from the left consistently. she has the money and the democratic people who kissed her ring but doesn't have the groundswell enthusiasm that some of the ideas that warren and de blasio have put out. that makes her vulnerable. if you remember in 1992 bill clinton lost new hampshire by 10 points in the primary. since he came so much closer than expected.
11:39 pm
he got the name the comeback kid, if anybody gets close to clinton her balloon of inevitability could collapse and could have the 2008 nightmare with obama happen all over again. >> you are right about perceptions, when they had to face off insurgent, gene mccarthy campaign, jonathan still won. the fact of the matter is with such unexpected performance on the part of mccarthy, he ultimately decided not to run for re-election. we forget that. is hillary clinton in that kind of danger at this point? or is this something that naturally you see in any party? >> i think that she is actually in that kind of danger at this point. you see this play out to lesser degrees, i would not want to be her campaign manager. she has to win anything by 20 or 30 points to say this is entirely mine and i think one of the worst things a candidate can have is such a coronation,
11:40 pm
when you have groups like the nation coming out, saying we need elizabeth warren, we do not need hillary clinton. when you have just this week, ofa, obama's organization saying who is the next obama? it is hillary. she is not resonating with the grassroots of the democratic party. i would not want to be her campaign manager. neil: she is resonating with the money, the money donors of the democratic party but are there some who are backing the warrens and maybe the o'malleys, maybe more so the warrens who are hedging their bets. >> one thing about hillary, if you don't kiss the ring or if you supported barack obama in 2008, they have a long memory they're going to remember that. you have to have the people come forward and kiss the ring. and the money is definitely on the side of hillary clinton. neil: don't people who have to kiss the ring can say look, you
11:41 pm
can kiss my ass. fact is i don't need you, and you're not all that fearsome you are just like in the wizard of oz, a person behind a curtain pulling a crank. >> i bet the support will melt away if challengers come within striking distance of her at any primary or if she fumbles. she's been trying to mimic elizabeth warren's economic message, and all these ended up doing is putting her foot in it, attacking corporations or left the white house dead broke. she's not good at it. neil: fair enough, and comes back to bite it. is she worth the nominee? she won't be is my prediction. chris, thank you very much. >> thank you. neil: facebook is at an all-time high. why? one of my fox biz all-stars are
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. neil: no risk, but not much of a return either, or at least not much of one in a general sense. still the government thinks it is onto something, i think it's on something, pitching retirement plans to workers that only invested treasury securities. fine if you're conservative and old geyser like me. i know veronica, you are younger like yourself, not the best strategy. >> right especially this is not going to keep up with inflation, if you look at investment choice. to be 100% in one investment no financial adviser would tell to you do that. neil: what's the pitch? very conservative but you won't have the principle. >> it will help people who aren't saving the people who aren't saving may not want to
11:46 pm
be in the vehicle. they may need to build up emergency funds and need it in an online savings account, something they can access more readily than this. >> the pitch is there's no investment fees and no minimum to get. in you can put in $5 a week, $2 a week put something in. the new investment part should bother people you're going to pay the investment fees instead. neil: shoe that? >> taxpayer dollars are going to fund the -- you got to hire an adviser, someone has to take care of this thing. that is not passed onto people. neil: who is handling it? >> some company in texas is handling it. >> neil it's not about helping anyone, it's about getting control like obamacare. so it doesn't matter if it does cost the taxpayer anything. we got 100,000 people to sign up for a bank account, there's plenty of banks that are happy to take them as customers. neil, the suggestion saving for retirement is too confusing now, it's confusing because of government. there's 401(k) and ira, those are all government constructs why not lower everyone's taxes,
11:47 pm
give them more money to invest tox save to do with what they will, it's their money after all. neil: one of the things they argue is young people don't save enough and maybe we can help them by making it obstacle free. >> i suppose, there are so many trust issues young people have with the government right now. to give more money to the government will do more than raise a few eyebrows. neil: what's wrong with you? >> i lived through a few i lived through the dot com, through 08. neil:. >> you max out at $191,000. so then what? what do you do? you spend and have to put big girl panties on and go invest. neil: what did you say? [ laughter ]. neil: okay okay okay. >> you still have to take control! >> yes you do. john?
11:48 pm
>> well i mean it's one next step in the cradle the grave julia society where government's involved in helping you with education, helping you with retirement helping with health care so this is just again another way to get control. it's a terrible investment. long term what's lost money is keeping your dollars and cash, dollars lost a lot of money long term. it's not about helping, it's about control and the fact that government is involved to begin with is a terrible mark on the obama administration. >> the government didn't -- this is a white house thing. our elected representatives didn't vote on this. talk about control -- >> i'm going to put you all down as a maybe. [ laughter ] issue two, zuck has a real issue, not with the stock facebook hit an all-time high up almost 44% this year. but with the customers, tracy time for an about-face? >> my kids don't --
11:49 pm
>> i got it, i got it. >> i don't think our children are going to be using it. because grandma uses it and that makes it not. >> will my kids do not use it. >> mine don't either. they're on snapchat. neil: i don't know what they're on. >> my god child is 17, her and her sister don't go near it. they are on instagram. and they don't want to be associated with facebook they think it's passe, parents and grandparentsor it. it's instagram twitter. >> they don't want to be watched. >> we've been hearing this all year long, teens aren't on facebook abandoning facebook. facebook stock continues to go higher and higher and higher and the service gets better. integrated video ads a lot new amenities, maybe facebook doesn't need the teens, achieving greatings with businesses, small businesses let the teens go snapchat or whatever. facebook is doing fine.
11:50 pm
>> they're annoying users creepy things they took out on the mobile devices you have to have a stand-alone app for texting, that is annoying. people have been isolated in the community. neil: i have no idea any of the things you just said. >> that's the stuff the millennials are sick and tired of. neil: don't act like you're hip. >> i'm not hip! >> michael, this show is on facebook, isn't it? okay, good! [ laughter ]. neil: if you don't think facebook has a future let us know. go ahead, johnny. >> well, neil you don't have a very young and hip fan base to begin with. >> oh! >> last time i checked your fans were hooked to oxygen! [ laughter ]. >> neil i hear from so many of them online, young and old alike, this is a trend that's not turning around. facebook will continue to innovate and the stock goes higher from here.
11:51 pm
neil: i actually agree with you, which makes me going the other way now. "frozen," scmozen, i say let them have let it go sony has let it stream. sony has the antidote to what ails hollywood. veronica? look at the streaming success. >> they got so much press are in movie. other movies, i can't remember so much press and ink spilled over one movie in a long time. neil: what if you provided an alternative to people, download it, streamline it at home, a lot of people would do that. >> a lot of people would definitely download it. they have to figure out a way to do that so it doesn't cannibalize existing business if they are making 40 or $60 for namely of four versus $6 for the family of four to stream the video. neil: the world is new streaming, young lady. >> streaming a lot. neil: i have no idea what that
11:52 pm
means, it's going to be big. >> i took my daughters to the movies it cost me upwards of $50 by the time we were out. i'll never do it again. ticket sales show 18 to millennials are down. these kids want it streamed at home. >> it is all done online not just streaming but the production, the great content coming from the netflix of the world. i think going out to the movies, going out to see entertainment is going to have to become more of a show. maybe the entertainers are there, they have -- neil: i don't know, didn't we hear this when we saw the way the television that was going to kill the theater industry, it never happens. i think all can play in the same albeit bigger sandbox. >> i don't know neil you remember when talkies came in
11:53 pm
and we had sound. neil: i hate you, i want to say this right now i hate you, in a brotherly way, a fatherly way. a very pissed off way. >> teenagers are going need the back row to canoodle each other, the movies will exist. you know when you take a date, that kind of thing. there's certain movies you can't watch. neil: get popcorn and they'd be gone when i return. >> you got to figure out a way to adapt the business model, it's changing but figure out how to make money off of it. neil: all right, change business model. [ laughter ] did i tell you about the couple who put my show on so kids could get some sleep? what a deal. all on basic cable. what is the deal? after this.
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now i get it. if a denture were to be put under a microscope we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher brighter denture everyday. >> "what's the deal, neil?" neil: what is the deal with my
11:57 pm
new year's resolution? i told you all that new year is all about looking at the good even when it comes to focusing on the quality of my colleagues and friends. curly bill says your new year's resolution will be hard. and another person said that the good one. and where else will you find oracles who miner in sports and weather. that's a very good point. and the joke of my friend brian who are you to bash a buddy, buddy? and ron says sure that your resolutions be more focused on the acre around your waist and shouldn't you be focused on e-mailing channels like an smac than those that can do without your insight.
11:58 pm
and another individual says hub about you make a resolution to get off the air. and it amazes me the amount of grief that you get for comments he made, whether it concerns your colleagues or your valuable individuals. i know the spirit in which it's intended and i take no offense. you get it, and as a result, you get a say. and as such, you're going to get my next book, telling viewers that want to kill me due out next fall. and this individual says my bobble head is anatomically correct. and then we got this i was saddened you back on tv yesterday and i would hope to the you had been fired or just died. last indeed because i'm sorry to disappoint you. and this soon as i saw your
11:59 pm
show and you are the only anchor that i know that reads nasty mouse. i think that some like you. you're clearly onto you. and they run something like 99% positive. or is that 99.9 not positive he anyway, i go on my skeptics odysseys essays and donna said for as long as we have been married, we just celebrated your account, you have been a welcome to the family room and her 3-year-old daughter hears her voice on the tv and goes right to leap. and if there's anything i can do
12:00 am
to help, anything i can do. thing is to and shared on seeing your. ♪ ♪ kennedy: there are a couple of things that you cannot do in this country. you cannot eat dogs and you cannot give speeches before white supremacy groups if you hope to have a viable local future. louisiana representative steve scalise is a particularly bad situation. the third a third in line for the republican house has apologized and is trying to distance himself from the group. there are calls on both sides of the aisle for his scalp and the embattled legislator might have an easier time convincing his colleagues rather than keep him around. republicans have a strong


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